Commercial Kitchen Energy and Grease Management  

LeoTeam Real Estate Solutions Turkey has signed a distribution agreement for the Cheetah, Ecofix and Biofix solutions for Turkey and Cyprus with Quintex Energy and Grease Management UK.

Leoteam Real Estate Solutions and its partner Yapıcı Management Services Consultancy are marketing, selling and installing energy and grease management systems (Cheetah, Ecofix and Biofix) for commercial kitchens found in hotels, hospitals, universities and other properties.

Cheetah is a demand based ventilation system which modulates the extract and supply fans in line with cooking activity, and is integrated in to the cooking hood. Cheetah is equally at home as either a retrofit or new build solution.  It works by controlling ventilation fan speeds so that extract rates are matched with cooking demands, providing an energy saving up to 50%.

With Ecofix, there’s never been an easier way or a safer way to degrease and clean extraction systems in commercial kitchens. Ecofix is designed to have ongoing system cleanliness and a significant fire risk reduction. At the same time, it ensures that the ducts are kept clean and in ideal condition without the need for manual duct cleaning.

Biofix is a grease management system that uses a unique blend of tailored, safe bacteria designed to digest fats, oil and grease deposits keeping your drains clean and unblocked.